Technip – La Défense

In 2013 Alan was commissioned to create a large painting for Technip, Frances largest Petroleum and Energy Resource company. The criteria of the commissioned work was  a theme of Diversity, to be realized in the lobby of Technips’ Headquarters in La Défense, Paris, and also to be an interactive work. Allowing spectators to comment and even write or paint alongside Alans work. The painting was on canvas and measured 4m x 2m and was concieved in two weeks with very long days. The event was also fimed by a film and video company during the creation and not only filmed the entire creation of the painting, but also filmed interviews and conversations with the viewers.

Months before the creation of the painting, Alan began researching religious imagery and iconography. Alan decided that the theme of Diversity would be in two parts, man and woman and religions. During the two months of research Alan created over fifty studies and paintings on paper depicting various religeous symbols and icons. Upon commencing the painting, Alan scattered all the studies before the canvas and began his research of color, form and symbolic imagery.

« The viewing public was very enthusiastic and most thought the idea of placing various religeous symbols or icons next to one another was a very good idea. Personally, I thought it was time that we saw these wonderful symbols together, to lower the barriers and open the doors of communication between them and possibly between the viewers themselves. At the begining most of the spectators were rather reluctant to write or even paint on the canvas. The viewers or spectators were made up mainly of Technips employees, but also visitors as well. The project was not only a great pleasure to create, but also very enlightening. I spoke to people from many, many different backgrounds and origins. Some were very excited to have seen images and symbols from their specific religeous origins».