Mexican women

This series is inspired by my Mexican roots.

Two of the works are directly inspired by two paintings of Caravaggio. The Holy Family and Madonna with Child. I was tired of always seeing the Virgin Mary depicted as a European white woman. Why not Mexican ? I kept true to the composition and theme of the Caravaggio’s, but disgarded the elegant attire for a more humble dress and a more down to earth vision of the Holy Family.

Technically I kept true to the chiaroscuro technique of lights and darks, and also to the painting technique of layered painting with a glazing technique.

Other paintings in this series depict women in their solitude and create stories with coded images. They could be sisters. Woman with a Bouquet of Flowers, the gladiollas were the symbol of the Gladiators and when depicted vertically represented strength in war. The Calalilies are the symbol of eternal love. The painting Woman with a Blue Bird is another woman in her solitude. With the tiger lily on the table representing virginity and the blue bird representing the joy of God, hope and the coming of Springtime. The chateau in the distance makes reference to the painters of the renaissance, displaying there knowledge of perspective.

Two other paintings in this series make reference to the five apparitions of Our Lady of Guatalupe. The story of Juan Diego, an aztec converted to Catholosism during the 16th century who spoke to the Virgin and carried out her wishes of having a Chapel built in her name. One painting shows the Virgin clutching the cloak of Juan Diego the other shows her wearing the cloak on her shoulder with the emblazzoned roses of Castille.

I have always found religious stories to be rich in imagery and enjoy interpreting them with my own vision.