New York Times

The New York Times series was created between 1991 and 1996. It was a very direct method of painting, I would work on three or four at the same time. They are not collage works, the photo images are kept where they were when printed.  

It was a way for me to respond to current and even daily events. Sometimes using satire and sometimes using just a simple word. The images sometimes conjured up other meanings for me, outside of that of the article. For me, photo journalism is  honest, direct and very often unforgiving. This is also the basic research in this work. Poking fun at politicians, focussing on moments in history, and also turning the tables on the journalism as well. Like the sensational journalism of the Harding trials, or the forgotten page with its short article on a dead boy found. Sometimes I was merely interested in the power of the image and not the story itself. I used very little color, keeping the interest on the graphic quality of the images and the wordage on the page. This work was a work of the moment, spontaneous and reactionary.