Reciting my life

This series began in 2010 and continues today. It began with the painting « The King is Hurt ». It was created during a difficult time in my life. It is a series of direct and honest  representation of feelings and reflections of my life. This series offered me the possibilty to discuss my life in coded images, to open myself for all to see, yet keeping the exact meanings hidden. The King represents me and all that I owned and all that I was and am. The images continue to discuss my life, the good and the bad. There is another painting titled « Me, the Good and the Bad » created in 2011 and is a sister piece to « The Red Man ». These paintings have coded images that are exact moments in my life. Moments that changed my life forever. The birth dates of my first two children, the ring I offered my wife, the downing of the Twin Towers on September 11th and many other events. They are journalistic paintings on various events that impacted my life. It is a series of direct painting application with little technical thinking, more from the heart and not from the brain. I need this style of painting to not only speak of my life but also to act as a compliment to the more technically sound and well thought out work of say my Construction Series.